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Manufacturing is critically important to the American economy!

For generations, the strength of our country rested on the power of our factory floors—both the machines and the men and women who worked them. We need manufacturing to continue to be a bedrock of strength for generations to come. Manufacturing is woven into the structure of our economy: Its importance goes far beyond what happens behind the factory gates. The strength or weakness of American manufacturing carries implications for the entire economy, our national security, and the well-being of all Americans. Read more here...

Commerical Stainless Steel Sinks Made in USA

Just Manufacturing stainless steel sinks are 100% Made in USA from domestically milled stainless steel. This meets all of the general requirements for the Buy-America Act, and the Buy-American Act.

The Buy America Act typically applies only to mass-transit procurements for state and local government projects, such as the construction of highways, railways, or rapid transit systems. Under the Buy America Act, end products must be 100% manufactured in the United States and all steel and iron components MUST be mined, melted, and manufactured in the United States.

Since the early 1930s, the federal government has enforced domestic material procurement requirements via the Buy American Act when it funds the construction of public projects. This program covers specified products and requires the U.S. government to purchase USA-made construction materials. The Buy American Act created a national preference for the government to procure only iron, steel and manufactured goods used in the construction of public buildings that is produced in the USA.

The Buy American Act in general, restricts the purchase of supplies, that are not domestic end products, for use within the United States.

  • All Just Manufacturing stainless steel sink products are 100% manufactured in the USA
  • All Just Manufacturing stainless steel sink products are produced from 100% domestically produced stainless steel
  • All Just Manufacturing stainless steel sinks Made in he USA so they are preferred products for the Buy-American Act
  • Stainless Armor Series365体育APP下载|首页

    Stainless Armor Series

    16 Gauge

    Heavy duty 16 gauge type 304 SS industrial grade stainless self-rimming and under-mount fixtures

  • Building Information Modeling365体育APP下载|首页

    Building Information Modeling for Just products

    Just Manufacturing Product Files365体育APP下载|首页

    Just Manufacturing is now your source for Building Information Modeling

  • Sensor Faucets365体育APP下载|首页

    Faucets, Drains, Bubblers - Just Manufacturing

    Just Enviro
    Series Sensor Faucets365体育APP下载|首页

    Comprehensive offering of deck-mount, backsplash, goose-neck, AC & DC powered commercial sensor faucets. Lavatory offering includes deck-mount single or two-hole option installation.

  • Environment365体育APP下载|首页

    Just Manufacturing’s Commitment to GREEN Awareness

    Just Manufacturing’s Commitment to GREEN Awareness365体育APP下载|首页

    In-plant production as well as inbound raw materials and packaging are factored in to our GREEN planning recycling efforts.

  • Lead Free365体育APP下载|首页

    Certified Lead-Free Products

    Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act365体育APP下载|首页

    Just Manufacturing offers a comprehensive line of commercial Lead-Free products that comply with the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.

  • Integra Flow365体育APP下载|首页

    Integra Flow System to Reduce Flooding Incidents

    The Integra Flow System365体育APP下载|首页

    Secure your specifications with the Just Integra Flow Overflow

  • Sinks Express365体育APP下载|首页

    Just In Time Inventory Management

    95% off-the-shelf fill rate365体育APP下载|首页

    95%+ off-the-shelf delivery; Just Manufacturing is your partner for Just-in-Time inventory management.

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